Hi! I’m Danielle. I’m a digital marketing specialist and brand storyteller. I live by the phrase “be extraordinary” which is put me on a plane to Ireland for 5 months in 2013 when I started my first blog. I started Coffee & Carry-On, my personal blog and passion project, for people (like me) who need help putting a pen to paper, hopping on that plane, and tackling what keeps them them at night. I want to share the ways that I try to live my best life - keeping in mind that everyone’s “best” looks different. Thanks for reading!

How I got here

I am a (rare) born and raised Calgarian. My biggest passions growing up? Volleyball and writing. I always saw myself becoming lifestyle writer, living in New York writing for SELF Magazine. In 2010, I interviewed for the journalism program at Mount Royal University where I was asked where I saw journalism in ten years - which is subsequently when I ran for the door imagining myself out of work and frustrated with being a writer.

A year later, I started at the Haskayne School of Business, majoring in marketing with a minor in communications. In 2013, I hopped on a plane to Ireland to study at the University College of Dublin for 5 months and spent my weekends on a plane visiting 11 different countries. When I graduated in 2016, I started full time with Catalystica Events + Marketing, a boutique events and marketing agency focused in the tech and entrepreneurship space. I got my hands dirty managing digital marketing campaigns to promote workshops, conferences and fundraisers, which is also when I realized that I had a lot to learn.

I really don’t believe marketers are given enough credit. In the world of digital marketing, we are expected to be able to write engaging copy, design eye catching graphics, get over 10,000 Twitter followers and take Instagram worthy photos for clients - all while building our own personal brand. It just so happens that this is also what I love about marketing. It turns you into a lifelong learner and your world truly never stands still.

Although I enjoy events, digital content creation is what I am most passionate about and is what will define my 2018 (stay tuned). When I need a break from my keyboard, you will find me scrapbooking, watching romantic comedies or playing with my cat Kylo.